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Idaho is one of those states where records are hard to obtain regardless of whether you're using an online background check or services offered by the state itself.

Idaho criminal records are maintained by the state Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). The BCI is also in charge of the state's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). This system has been implemented by almost every single state and cross references criminal records with fingerprint records for the most accurate data available. Idaho also offers a free sex offender search website accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Idaho state criminal background checks include:

Since the BCI uses the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, be aware that if an individual was arrested and convicted without an accompanying fingerprint card, the record won't show up.

Tools of the legal systemHowever, the chances of that happening are slim to none. Plus, the criminal record is still on file at the local courthouse where the conviction took place. Conducting a search using the BCI can be done using either a name or set of fingerprints. However, once again, online access is limited to authorized criminal justice agencies. Which companies can help you out? How about US Search (see more info); Net Detective (see more info); E-Find Out the Truth (see more info); Kroll and Inteligator (see more info).

Individual access to the BCI is restricted and personal criminal record searches will have to be conducted by mail, or in person. Idaho code 67-3008 (6) states "A person or private agency, or public agency, other than the department, shall not disseminate criminal history record information obtained from the department to a person or agency that is not a criminal justice agency or a court without a signed release of the subject of record or unless otherwise provided by law."

Basically this means that obtaining criminal records in Idaho is practically impossible if you don't have a signed consent form.

In the event you would like to utilize a fingerprint based search, they are available for $10. Fingerprint cards and services are available at most law enforcement agencies and may cost extra. The fingerprint card must be submitted within 180 days of being certified by an official and requires a significant amount of information.

Requests are processed on a first-come basis and ample time is required for processing. Fortunately, a name based Idaho background check is also available. Simply submit a completed Name Based Criminal Background Check Form along with $10 for each name. These types of searches don't require waivers.

We know of a few private companies that can help you in conducting background record searches in this state. You can also Click here for the Idaho State sex offender search website.