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Employment and Personal Background Screening in Arizona and Colorado


In Arizona, the Criminal History Records Section (CHRS) is the central resource for state criminal records. Justice agencies within Arizona are required by law to report arrest and case disposition information to the Central State Repository. This division of the Department of Public safety also controls, subject to law, how criminal history information is distributed. Authorized parties can obtain the following information from CHRS:

Access to criminal records from the central repository is restricted to authorized individuals or agencies. In reality this means that aside from criminal justice agencies, the system is for employers, or individuals wishing to review their own criminal history. Everyone else is out luck when it comes to being able to use the state's criminal background check option for a search on someone else.

Tools of the judgeAlso, Arizona offers no online access to CHRS records searches whether you are a business or an individual. Basically, the process of obtaining a criminal or other record needs to be started by calling CHRS to get the requirements and have the necessary paperwork mailed to you.

Fortunately, complete Arizona records are also available online and we have included the best resources we can find to assist you in your search. Once again, you can get extremely comprehensive records using an online service while it's next to impossible to do this using state offered resources. Looking for a company to help you? Here are some: Been Verified (more info); EVerify; Intelius (more info); Inteligator (more info); or NetDetective (more info).


The central directory for criminal arrest records in the State of Colorado is the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). CBI is a division of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and maintains records for Colorado only. These records are digitized within the computerized criminal history (CCH) database. The CCH database contains detailed information of arrest records based on fingerprints provided by Colorado law enforcement agencies. Arrests that aren't supported by fingerprints are not included in this database. Information available includes:

Unlike many others, Colorado is an open records state, which basically means that anyone is allowed to obtain arrest information on anyone else. However, sealed records are not accessible and juvenile records are also generally not open to the public. In order to inquire about an individual, you will need to obtain an exact spelling of their name and a correct date of birth. Any mistakes and the correct record will not be found.

Searches of the CCH database are accessible to the public, businesses, and others, and it is fairly simple to use. If you encounter any issues, detailed documentation is available on the website. If there are multiple possible matches for your query, the system will provide preliminary results to choose from. Once a selection has been made the criminal records are returned instantly. Below we have included the best resources available for obtaining Colorado records. Scroll down, take your pick, and start accessing the information you need.